Luofu Plan

Analysis & Research Projects

Multi-Objective Design and Study Optimization  2015-2017

Berlin, Beijing, Huizhou
Partner: Dr. Liang Shangyu


The project is in the countryside of south China, though it‘s the economic developed area of China, the construction condition is still on the basic level.
According to the real condition, we design a feedback system not only consider of the construction itself, with five main processes (pre-design, proposal, construction, achievement and feedback achievement). The owner, construction workers, tourists, and manager are also parts of the process.
The basic aim of this project is to make a multi-objective design and to set up a basic system for an optimization of the project in the countryside of China. Because of the variables of the project we can not control the final result, we can control every process and feedback to the design.
The research processing includes pre-survey and pro survey. the main respondents are the construction workers and the tourists. In the countryside of China, construction workers are more like construction craftsmen they are not professional or really educated but they have a lot of experience that they under the space and the feature of the material. The tourists are the main users of the project. We did the survey before and after the construction and try to represent their behavior mode with time geography to assist the design.
The demonstration is also an important part of the project, feedback design, and variance fix.
The project is still going on until the year 2017.


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Research & Analysis Project



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