The Banana Case

Analysis & Research Projects

Master’s Thesis  WS14/15-SS 15

Instructor: Peter Ruge
Second Supervisor:  Krassimir Krastev


What is Banana case?
The name of my project banana case comes from a typical Chinese joke. For a long time, we called the overseas Chinese banana. Though they have the same yellow skin as us, in order to adjust to the new society around them. They transform themselves similar to western people, white people. (The joke is rude, but tells directly the dilemma of immigration-Identity transition. I use this joke only to add the impression at the same time also as a symbol of my project. It’s nothing about discriminate or try to defined people by color :-)
There is a magic invention from Japan used to keep the banana fresh called the banana case. I used this as the title of my project, trying to design relax and comfortable cases for my young bananas in the realms of the unreal world for them.
Why Banana case?
Immigration from developing countries to developed countries has already become the hotspots issue all over the world. In this indeterminate changing, I take the sample of the teenager. In my opinion, they are the sample we should be considered about. According to the special language and social condition of Germany and based on the background of myself. I decided to design a Language Campus for the Chinese teenager immigration (10 to 18 years old).settle down in Germany.
How I build the banana case?
I began with the research of two countries in completely different history process. the first overlap point I found was in medieval, both countries suffered from natural disasters and tried to escape from the reality by dreaming in new kinds of literature. In Europe, it presented by dream poetry. The master is Geoffrey Chaucer who is well known as the father of England literature. And in China, it developed to dream opera. “Peony Pavilion” is one of the masterpieces of this period.
I used a mater piece of literature „Peony Pavilion“ as the structure of my project. I abstracted my project to 4 separate exercises. They’re 1.Journey 2. Nightmare 3. Seek 4.Reproduce.
I tried to present my idea and also my design in the dynamic process in order to prove the brief of our studio “On the Move”.



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Research & Analysis Project

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